Monday, August 1, 2011

Stitch Fix/Rack Habit

Outfit Details:
Dress & Top - Stitch Fix

I decided to try this new online service based out here in San Francisco, thanks to Britt & Whit for introducing me to this online service.  Got the package last week but never had the time to try them on and take pictures.  But here it is!  

All you have to do is sign up and fill out a quick survey about your style and how much you’re willing to pay for certain items like dresses, etc.  Then pay $20, which will be credited to any item you choose, and shipping is always free. You will receive five items to choose from.  The items I got I haven't seen in stores yet.  So if you love shopping online, why not try them out! Just click here to get started!  (Someone told me they needed a referral. You can use my name Shella! Thanks Alisha for trying & letting me know!)

Hope everyone is starting the week off to a good start! Also, thank you to everyone that has been leaving comments, I really appreciate them & love checking out all the blogs!


  1. sounds like a great idea! I'm trying to sign up but it says that I need to get referred by someone :/

  2. This sounds interesting..I've never heard of this site but I'll definitely check it out! $20 you can't go wrong and who doesn't love free shipping :)

  3. oh wow, i've never heard of this site but it sounds really cool!! thanks for the heads-up!

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  4. Just Stumbled Across Your Blog..I Followed :)
    I Love Your First dress! The bold floral print and belt work really well together!

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  5. I love all of your different looks! You look gorgeous in the dress you are wearing in the first photo:-)

  6. I love pink dress =)

  7. The floral dress is totally cute !!! xoxo

  8. You look super cute in all of your outfits1 Love the 1st dress especially :)


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  9. oh, how fun! i like the concept, and the free shipping makes it all worthwhile!


  10. Can't wait to see you in an outfit with the tassel belt! It's so much fun to work with :D

  11. that first dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! you are too cute doll

  12. Wow, this is interesting! Do you think they accept international? Thanks for sharing! -Mar

  13. Those shoes ur wearing with that gorgeous dress in the first picture should be in my cupboard *sighs*..
    that tassel belt is so pretty, i should get one..
    i live in the bay area, i wonder whether Brett&Whit would deliver here...hmmmm
    thanks for visiting my blog,

  14. i like that floral dress... look so cute! thanks for stopping by on my blog... wanna follow each other? pls. let me know

  15. Love the outfits, and what a cool idea and service! I want to try this out!


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  16. thanks for the stopping by! :)

    all of pieces are adorable and look so great on you!! thanks for sharing!! haven't heard of them before!

    xoxo, aimee

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  17. So fabulous, love all of the prints.


  18. cute outfits. i especially like the first one with the belted dress. very cute!

  19. That dress is well put together with that belt and I love the nude platforms. Very nice collaboration of neutrals and patterns. Just gave me a few new ideas!


    Sojo, FWB

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